Praktiker további áruházakat nyit meg elektronikus polccímkével 

2008. szeptember 16. - A Praktiker újabb áruházakat nyit meg elektronikus polccímkével. A Pricer kereskedelmi alelnökének nyilatkozata szerint ez többek között a Szintézis érdeme. Az eredeti hírt angol nyelven itt olvashatja:Praktiker Hungary has signed an agreement with Pricer’s partner Szintezis for an initial roll out of the Pricer ESL system in 5 of its 17 stores in Hungary. The installations are to be completed by Q2 2009. The estimated value of the order to Pricer is 6 MSEK.

Following a successful ESL pilot in Praktiker Budapest with both segment and pixel based ESLs, Praktiker, the fourth largest Do-It-Yourself (“DIY”) & Home Improvement retailer in Europe, placed two consecutive orders to immediately deploy the Pricer ESL solution and confirming their selection of Pricer as their exclusive ESL supplier for the coming stores.

“Our policy is to support our customers with IT solutions that give direct benefit to them and with ESL we can make sure that the prices are always correct,” says Dr. Sandor Onody, Finance Director, Praktiker. “We installed the first store with ESL about one year ago and are now prepared to take this to the next stage.”

Praktiker has 427 stores in 9 countries of which Hungary is earmarked as the first phase for ESL deployment.

“We are very excited about opening up this new market segment through a Tier One retailer,” says Charles Jackson, CEO, Pricer. “The food retailers were the first to realize the ROI & business advantages of ESL, but when a leading DIY retailer such as Praktiker comes to similar conclusions our market potential increases significantly.”

“Praktiker’s order is the outcome of the excellent support they received from Szintezis, our partner in Hungary,” says Oron Branitzky, Vice President Sales, Pricer. “This, coupled with our ability to provide a scalable solution supporting low cost and graphic displays in the same store, was the equation for success.”

About Praktiker: Praktiker, (FWB: PRAG) based in Kirkel, Saarland, Germany, is the fourth largest DIY retailer in Europe. It opened its first store in 1978 and maintains today 427 stores under two brands (Praktiker and Max Bahr) in nine European countries. The Group's operations are located in Germany, Luxembourg, Hungary, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey, Poland and Ukraine.

About Pricer: Pricer provides the retail industry’s leading electronic display and Electronic Shelf Label (ESL) platform, solutions, and services for intelligently communicating, managing, and optimizing price and product information on the retail floor. Pricer is the only company today offering a communication platform that supports both segment based ESL and pixel-based ESL. The platform is based on a two-way communication protocol to ensure a complete traceability and effective management of resources. The Pricer system significantly improves consumer benefit and store productivity by simplifying work in the store.

Pricer, founded in 1991 in Uppsala, Sweden, offers the most complete and scalable ESL solution. Pricer has over 4,000 installations in more than 30 countries with approximately 60 percent market share. Customers include many of the world’s top retailers and some of the foremost retail chains in Europe, Japan and the USA. Pricer, in co-operation with qualified partners, offers a totally integrated solution together with supplementary products, applications and services.